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tots & mini classes

Our Tots and Mini classes are aimed at the youngest members of our school, giving them an exciting and fun filled gateway into the world of performing arts.

TTSS Tots Classes (age 3-5)

TTSS Mini Classes (age 6-8)

Tots & Mini Performers
This class covers a combination of Acting and Musical Theatre in a fun class environment aiming to build not only children's acting and overall performance skills but also confidence and creativity. If children so wish we also give them the opportunity to work towards LAMDA acting and IDTA Musical Theatre exams.

Mini Pop Dance
A high energy class where students dance to the latest pop songs, covering basic technique, footwork and all done with plenty of style and attitude. This class is super for increasing children's co-ordination and fitness, but also great fun. Students also work towards IDTA Freestyle exams.

Tots & Mini Ballet and Tap
Children will cover the basics in both subjects whilst dancing to familiar music and understanding grace, poise and rhythm. This class is a great springboard for young dancers and again students have the opportunity to work towards IDTA Ballet and Tap exams.

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